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by melannc

Wow, it's nice to see you back in the game, Mel :) I was worried for a good little bit when you hadn't posted anything for a while. You ...

by melannc

They say actions speak louder than words. Well, in this case, Melanie, I like to think they do. You seem to show a lot of emotion, a lo...

by melannc

A very simplistic yet effective picture without a doubt. It seems like it wouldn't be profound yet it gives me the feeling that you wer...

by melannc

Whoa! What a place to take a photo shoot at! I will admit, the contrast of the Valley of Fire along with your skin just makes for an in...


ÿþAdam Strange - The universe's greatest tactician

Amethyst - Lord of Order, ruler of Gemworld... all in a day's work

Angel and the Ape - A beautiful bombshell and the grandson of Gorilla Grodd, aka the most unlikely detectives in New York City!

Animal Man - Get in touch with your wild side

Arak, Son of Thunder - A legendary warrior, lost in our time...

Aquaman - Born of land and sea

The Atom - Size does matter!

Azrael - The Dark Knight of Death strikes again

Batgirl - Nailed it!

Batman Incorporated - Batman all over the world

Batman - The Dark Knight returns home

Batman & Robin - Can father and son work together without killing each other...?

Batwoman - Striking a name for herself under the mantle of the Bat

Birds of Prey - The one and only

Bizarro - Am not Earth and Htrae's worstest villain!

Black Canary - Time for a solo act

Black Lightning - Justice, like lightning...

Blue Beetle - The Reach returns for payback and it's up to Jaime Reyes to stop them

Booster Gold - Time to save time and space

Captain Atom - Super-charged and pushing the envelope

Catwoman - Being good never felt so bad!

Challengers of the Unknown - Living on borrowed time, facing the unknown

Creature Commandos - Fighting what goes bump in the night

Cyborg - Half-man, half-machine, all hero

Deadman - Talking to the dead, possessing the living

Deathblow - A mercenary, a soldier, a man on a mission of redemption

Deathstroke - Next stop? Crazy town

Dial "H" for Hero - Robbie Reed is not just one hero, he's a whole group!

Doom Patrol - The world's strangest heroes keep getting stranger

El Diablo - Hell is calling his name

The Elite - Elite problems require elite solutions.

Etrigan, the Demon - Gone, gone the form of man! Rise the Demon, Etrigan

The Flash - Moving forward

The Flash: Fastest Man Alive - Wally West as the Flash once more

Frankenstein, Agent of SHADE - The world just got a little weirder

Firestorm - The power of the Nuclear Man unleashed!

Gen 13 - The kids are all right

Global Guardians - Heroes of the world unite

Green Arrow - Fighting for the people, no matter who, what or where

Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors - Guy Gardner and his crew are on the loose

Green Lantern: New Guardians - Who will answer Kyle Rayner's call?

Green Lantern Corps - The best that the Green Lantern Corps has to offer

Green Lantern - Hal Jordan is back and better than ever

Hardware - Upgrade, revamp, evolve.

Harley Quinn - Girls just wanna have fun!

Hawk & Dove - Chaos and order at its finest

Hawkman & Hawkgirl - The winged warriors, reunited and ready to fight

Hellblazer - John Constantine is a magical expert you want to be careful around...

Human Target - If you want to survive, trust your identity to Christopher Chance

I, Vampire - Andrew Bennett walks among us to protect us from his kind...

Icon - Protecting and helping guide us down a better path

JLA - Earth's greatest superheroes, together and bigger

JLA + JSA - Equals Epic

Jonah Hex - The best in the west just got better

JSA - Earth's first superhero team continues to teach and learn

JSA Academy - Welcome to the premier school for young superheroes

Justice League International - The Justice League, only on a global scale

Justice League Task Force - Facing the threats hidden in the shadows

Justice League Unlimited - Go unlimited in the pursuit of justice

Klarion - Mischief comes in all shapes, sizes, and acts

Kobalt - Sometimes, you got to be rough and tough

L.E.G.I.O.N. - Vril Dox leads L.E.G.I.O.N. again... is that a good thing?

Legion of Super-Heroes - The 31st century's greatest heroes

Lex Luthor - What secrets did Lex Luthor gain from the Phantom Zone?

Lobo - The Main Man is on the hunt

Mr. Majestic - The mighty Mr. Majestic arrives in the DC Universe

Manhunter - D.A. by day. Hero by night.

Martian Manhunter - The Alien Ace strikes out on his own

Metal Men - Machines with heart and soul

Nemesis - The best the DMA and the GPA have to offer

Nightwing - Taking flight once again

OMAC - Michael Costner is the secret to the hidden history of Brother Eye

Omega Men - A new team. A new mission.

Planetary - Archaeologists of the Impossible

Power Company - Josiah Power and the Power Company will help you

Power Girl - Bravery comes from all genders

The Question -Pursuing the truth, pursuing justice

Red Hood and the Outsiders - The Outsiders continue to draw trouble , even more so with Red Hood in the lead

Red Lanterns - Burning with rage, spilling blood

Resurrection Man - Mitch Shelley has made an unlikely enemy, and now, he fights for his lives!

Shade, the Changing Man - Battling delirium and madness made manifest

Shadow Cabinet - Safeguarding the Earth by any means necessary

Shadowpact - Break on through to the dark side

Simon Baz, Green Lantern - The Miracle Worker shines his light

The Spectre - Can Crispus Allen tame the Spectre's more violent tendencies...?

Speed Force - Speed is all in the family

Static Shock - He puts a shock to your system

Steel - Time to drop the hammer!

Stormwatch - The DEO's own superhero team... with a secret that will shock them

Suicide Squad - Villains with nothing to lose and everything to gain

Superboy - On a mission to forge his own future

Supergirl - The Maid of Steel shines

Superman - The Man of Steel's world just got bigger

Supermen of America - Truth, Justice, and the American Way

Swamp Thing - Alec Holland's destiny awaits

Teen Titans - Titans Together

The Power of Shazam! - Nothing is stronger than family

Titans: Heroes for Hire - When there's trouble, you know who to call

Uncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters - Fighting to preserve democracy

Union - Guardian of the Justice Stone

Villains United - Sometimes, villains are what you need more than heroes

Warlord - Joshua Morgan carries on his father's legacy and faces new threats to Skartaris

WildCATS - A Covert Action Team taking on the threat of a secret alien invasion

Wonder Woman - After the Odyssey, what awaits the Amazon princess?

Xombi - Science made him immortal, his spirit makes him a hero

Young Justice - Who will be the new Young Justice?

Zatanna - The mistress of magic dazzles and shines
Return to the DC Universe - Titles Breakdown
This is a list of all the potential titles I would want for Return to the DC Universe. It features a unique collection of various characters and adventures from DC's massive characters, even covering some Milestone Media and Wildstorm characters as well! :D Since they won't be comics but more of like fan fiction, you can do the math :3
Return to the DC Universe - Owlwoman redesign by BigBDawg001
Return to the DC Universe - Owlwoman redesign
So I am here, and I have been working on different kinds of art, but of late, I have been working on all sorts of projects. One of them has been Return to the DC Universe. So I present one of the JLA's new additions in RtDCU's continuity; former Global Guardian Wenonah Littlebird, aka Owlwoman.

Like several of the heroes that were mainstays in the Global Guardians, Owlwoman first debuted in 1977's Super Friends #7, helping the Justice League deal with Grax, an alien who sought to destroy Earth's cultural history, but his plans had been told to the League by Zan and Jayna aka the Wonder Twins. In this story, Owlwoman teamed up with Hawkman.

Wenonah is from the Cherokee tribe, and was endowed by the spirit of her tribe to gain unique abilities that enhanced her senses, allowing her to be an amazing tracker, enhanced strength, the ability to see in the dark, and to fly. She fought minor tribal crimes and some supervillains before she was recruited by Dr. Mist into the Global Guardians, being the first American to do so.

As time went on, Wenonah became a valuable part of the Global Guardians. Until the UN cut off funding for the Dome, leading her and her lover, Daniel Cormac aka Jack O'Lantern, to go to Bialya, being brainwashed by Bialya's Queen Bee in an attempt to prove the significance of the Global Guardians, leading to their helping her in a coup against Rumaan Harjavti. This also had Wenonah's powers be altered through genetics, turning her once clawed gloves into a part of her.

After the Guardians fought for Queen Bee, they were freed, but hard times occurred as the Guardians kept facing against threats that overpowered them, leading to the deaths of many of them. In that time, Owlwoman has been called on to help Wonder Woman and many other heroes, as well as studying the recent incarnation of the Global Guardians.

In recent times, Wenonah had been facing off threats to her people in Oklahoma, as well as helping Oklahoma City citizens out in any way she could, as well as finding out her powers had begun to evolve, allowing her to fly without needing air currents, her tracking abilities enhanced, as well her being able to communicate telepathically with birds (similar to Sam Wilson's Captain America). Her unique abilities had been one reason Superman and the Martian Manhunter wished to recruit Wenonah into the new and improved JLA, since her tracking abilities would be useful, plus she has been shown to be quite the team player, thus she accepted.
Got this from my buddy, :iconanicomicgeek:

"There's a hacker lurking around dA that will change your password and put Thomas the tank engine pics in your and post

They will post bad pics only if they hack your account. If they found out you posted a journal entry about this warning, they will know what's up and they won't hack your account. They will also be posting journal entries saying things like "I hate you all! Go die!" and remove all your watchers. The best thing you could do now is copy this warning and post for all your friends and watchers to see and spread the word! The hacker will go around hacking accounts and block your friends to get your friends to block you back, get you in trouble, and get you banned from dA. If you want to save your account, you should make a journal entry with this warning to keep the hacker from hacking your account. So, "SPREAD THE WORD" "


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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Artist by trade, jack of trades. My tools are typically pens, markers, and the occasional use of colored pencils. I have been drawing for quite some time, and I apparently got my artistic flair and spirit from my mom and my grandma from her side of the family. I also do stuff based on video games, anime, manga, etc. Feel free to stop by, listen to my ramblings in my journal entries, etc.q



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Myself and Traumwelt (visit his DA page here-->nemoalleintraumwelt.deviantart…) have begun creating our first comic book together. It is called Old Harry's tale, and it is a supernatural and philosophical drama.

We call ourselves Scapegoat comics and all news of the project will be relayed here at the Scapegoat comics club -->… And I would like all those who watch me to join.

The project is going to be set to a kickstarter which will be linked to the club page later within the month. And all who join the club will have early access to the rewards including the free digital intro comic bening the rules.

If you want to join it is automatically approved, you just need to click a button. If you don't want to, that's fine. It's your choice after all.

Also even if you do not join the club I would be most pleased if you watched this video we made and tell us what you think-->…

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Yukari Yakumo - Youkai of Boundaries by sophie-art
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